The Golden Wraith (The Wraith Wars)

Introducing ... Wraith Wars! A new concept i have developed to bring you into to Dark Elemental Fantasy universe, which promises to be a riot.

Dive into the Realm, where magic isn’t just real—it’s a battleground.
Meet Kaiya, the fierce War Alchemist with a knack for brewing trouble, and Lila, our Stormchaser who’s got more sass than you can handle. 
When the ethereal Golden Wraith starts stirring up chaos, these two unlikely allies team up. But let’s be real—it’s not all smooth sailing. Between Kaiya’s fiery temper and Lila’s wild instincts, they’ve got their work cut out for them. ⚡️🔥

Battles? Check. Magic? Check. Feels? Oh, you bet. Dive into the #WraithWars and join our protagonists on the adventure of a lifetime. Because, in the Realm, the line between friend and enemy blurs, and trust? It’s a luxury they can’t afford. ✨📖

Who's side are you on?

From intense battles to the intricate dance of trust and betrayal, “Wraith Wars” promises an immersive tale of power, ambition, and the lengths one will go for redemption.

For those craving a gripping saga that blurs the lines between morality and ambition, #WraithWars is your vibe! Add it to your daydreaming list, and embark on an epic adventure.

Lila, the Stormchaser

Lila hails from a lineage of storm chasers, individuals with the rare ability to communicate and navigate the ferocious storm spirits. Her unique cat-like ears are a mark of her ancestry. For years, she has been on a quest to locate the ancient relic tied to the Golden Wraith, not to claim its power, but to free the spirit bound to it. The Golden Wraith, sensing her intentions, often manifests during violent storms, challenging and testing Lila's abilities. Their encounters are a mix of conflict and mutual respect. Lila wears her vibrant yellow jacket, a family heirloom, which protects her from the Wraith's gold-cursing touch. As the story unfolds, the two characters' destinies become intertwined, leading to revelations about the Wraith's past and Lila's true purpose in her relentless pursuit.

Kaiya, the War Alchemist

Born from the ashes of a fallen civilization, Kaiya is a master of war alchemy. Using her arcane knowledge, she can transform the very elements into formidable weapons. The markings on her face are not just symbols of her heritage but are also conduits for her powers. When invoked, they amplify her abilities, allowing her to summon firestorms or command the earth to swallow her enemies.

Her path crossed with Lila's when the Stormchaser was searching for the Golden Wraith. The two formed an unlikely alliance, with Kaiya providing Lila the means to defend herself against the Golden Wraith's gold-cursing touch. However, Kaiya has her own agenda: she believes that harnessing the power of the Golden Wraith could help her resurrect her lost civilization. As the trio's fates intertwine, the balance between trust and betrayal, friendship and enmity, becomes precariously thin.