Marco Morales received his Bachelor of Communication Design from Queensland University (Brisbane, Australia) in 1998, completed his AD of Architectural Drafting in 1993 and his MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology (Washington D.C, USA) in 2023.

Marco visualizes vast, rich worlds and populates them with full-bodied characters, unique architecture and distinctive flavour of his own. His works are an open exploration of liminal spaces at an interplanetary scale, an investigation into representations of minute narratives and stories of humanity hidden within, and the traces of societies in the gray areas of gleeful mundanity and opulent stagnation, on the peaks of society and its - at times, concurrent - throughs. By emphasizing a sense of architecture and terrain, he creates work which can be longed for, playing with nostalgic themes or wanderlust with an uncompromising attitude towards conveying a sense of place for the viewer in his art.

He has exhibited in metaverse spaces and virtual experiences as he continues to build his worlds in increasingly immersive mediums and collaborating with sound designers, videogame and 3D artists and AR/VR developers. 

Marco currently lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


For all inquiries regarding exhibitions and sales, please contact the artist directly.


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