The Kepler Files at The MEWS

May 4th, 2023
At 3pm CET / GMT+2

Monaco / MarthaVerse

Access via mobile / VR or desktop:
Link for the MarthaVerse 

The MEWS World


Exclusive presentation of our project and the opportunity to chat with the team, plus exclusive Digital Art Book for all attendees and a printed poster for the winner of the #KeplerMews.

What if a team of scientists and photographers reached Kepler 438-B and shared the flora, fauna and habitats they saw? 

Kepler-438 B is a striking place filled by strange and fascinating creatures that inhabit its air, desert, swamplands, and underwater environments.  

We are building a creative ecosystem where artists, scientists and anyone with curiosity for new world exploration can find their tribe and bring this vision to life. 

New Space Exploration: AI & Metaverse

Our Kepler Files team has been kindly invited to present our project at the MarthaVerse for The MEWS (Metaverse Entertainment Worlds Monaco 2023) Under The High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

We will share our personal journey in how we came together, the relationship between #AI, #spaceExploration, #sci-fi, the #metaverse and human beings – and never-shared-before images from our upcoming compendium of exquisit exoplanet photography THE ULTIMATE, plus images from our currently available ALPHA EDITION.  

We now bring the Kepler world to you, to share our passion and participate in the shaping of the future we want to see. You can see some images here.


We giving away a copy of the COMPLETE ALPHA EDITION to everyone who attends our talk!

Meanwhile, you can now download:


Win a printed poster!

We will print this beautiful poster and gift it to the person with most retweets! For instructions, RT from here.

Want to know more?

You can read more about the Kepler Files project here.

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