The Kepler Files

Be the first to discover the powerful visual journey of exoplanet Kepler 438-B through the viewfinder of its crew of photographers and scientists.

Sometime in the future, the Alpha Mission landed on exoplanet Kepler 438-B. The team of bright-eyed scientists and photographers collected data and gathered the best images from the newly discovered habitats in glorious color and quality for your enjoyment.

We now bring the Kepler world to you, to share our passion and participate in the shaping of the future we want to see.
You can see some images here.

Marco Morales
Futurist | Creative Director | Metaverse

Fabian Schlosser
Art Director | Motion graphics | Music Producer

Nina Sabina Cabellero
Digital Creative | Fine Artist  | Photographer

James Harpur
Space Scientist | Engineer | Copywriting  

A shared world for sci-fi adventure

Kepler-438 B is a striking place filled by strange and fascinating creatures that inhabit its air, desert, swamplands, and underwater environments. 

We want to see this world take shape in immersive environments (metaverse or gaming), translated to boardgame assets for roleplaying game adventures, storytelling through video or artwbooks, and more - with your participation!

The Alpha Edition

While we work on the full book (72 pages and counting, and a strong story!) we want to include you in the process, so you could see the changes from early AI-assisted decoding of the transmitted images, to the latest that technology can offer. 

You can now download:

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Thursday, May 4th, 2023 - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm CET
⭐️ LAUNCH EVENT The Kepler Files: New Space Exploration
At The Mews - Metaverse Entertainment Worlds Monaco 2023 Summit and Awards under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco!

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Get it while it lasts! The ALPHA Edition will be available for a limited time only from the Gumroad page.

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