The Kepler Files - Christmas Launch 

Volume I - Departure and Arrival

92 pages, Hard Cover, Full colour.

PDF print hardcover book

Discover the powerful visual journey of exoplanet Kepler 438-B through the viewfinder of its crew of photographers and scientists.

The Alpha Mission left to explore exoplanet Kepler 438-B to collect data and document its newly discovered habitats in glorious color and quality, and the first collection of received files, logs and images can now be shared with you in a full-colour hardcover printed book.

We now bring the Kepler world to you, to share our passion and participate in the shaping of the future we want to see. 

A shared world for sci-fi adventure

The Kepler Files journey starts on an Earth that has adjusted to climate change and is ready to become an interplanetary species. Kepler-438 B was found to be a striking place filled by strange and fascinating creatures that inhabit its air, desert, swamplands, and underwater environments. 

Following the success of the initial digital release of the Alpha Edition, this book expands on the initial journey across the galaxy. 

PDF print hardcover book

Departure and Arrival

This amazing book has 94 pages of full color, documenting life on Earth at the time of departure, the long flight across the galaxy towards Kepler-438 B, live onboard and the crew, and the first images captured from the exoplanet.


  • Earth
  • Departure to Kepler
  • Interstellar ship
  • Crew
  • The Voyage
  • Arrival

Book available NOW!

PDF print hardcover book

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