The Golden Wraith - Origins

Part 2 of how this concept was developed. Part I is here.

1. Some images were uploaded to ChatGPT-4, and asked to describe the characters and generate a backstory based on the picture and some guidance towards Dark Elemental Fantasy.

2. Taking these descriptions, the next request was for ChatGPT to generate a prompt for DALLE to use as a starting point to create a book cover for this fictitional series. 



Book cover and logos

A series of proposals based on the descriptions of story,  characters and aesthetic were generated and explored, until the right imagery was found.

Bringing the aesthetic together

The images generated by DALLE were brought back into Midjourney and used as an IMG2IMG influence into the prompts of the photographic characters.

Final version

The logo and the resulting images were then edited in Procreate, combined into the final version of the images.

Getting the word out there!

ChatGPT was helpful to craft a synopsys of the concept, for sharing on Social Media. After some back-and-forth, and refining of the ChatGPT results, the text was ready to be shared.

Hey #BookLovers, introducing ... Wraith Wars!

A new concept i have developed to bring you into to Dark Elemental Fantasy universe, which promises to be a riot.

Dive into the Realm, where magic isn’t just real—it’s a battleground.

Meet Kaiya, the fierce War Alchemist with a knack for brewing trouble, and Lila, our Stormchaser who’s got more sass than you can handle. 😜🌪

When the ethereal Golden Wraith starts stirring up chaos, these two unlikely allies team up. But let’s be real—it’s not all smooth sailing. Between Kaiya’s fiery temper and Lila’s wild instincts, they’ve got their work cut out for them. ⚡️🔥

Battles? Check. Magic? Check. Feels? Oh, you bet. Dive into the #WraithWars and join our protagonists on the adventure of a lifetime. Because, in the Realm, the line between friend and enemy blurs, and trust? It’s a luxury they can’t afford. ✨📖

Who's side are you on?

Hit follow if you’re ready for an epic journey, and don’t forget to add #WraithWars to your #TBR list!

From intense battles to the intricate dance of trust and betrayal, “Wraith Wars” promises an immersive tale of power, ambition, and the lengths one will go for redemption.

For those craving a gripping saga that blurs the lines between morality and ambition, #WraithWars is your next must-read. Add it to your list, and embark on an epic adventure.

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