Women of Bubblepunk

Now available! A beautiful digital Art book of the assertive, sassy and powerful ladies of the Bubblepunk universe.

I have collected my best work and jammed it into the pages of a beautiful digital Art book in PDF format, plus a select pack of large HD images of 40+ delicious images.

You can now download the Art book and image packs [ HERE ].

Attention adventurers! These sassy, strong, inspiring women will take you on a thrilling journey to a world of cyberpunk and futuristic machines where they SLAY!

Looking for rotound adventure?  This collection is like nothing you've ever seen before - it's jam-packed with powerful, full-color illustrations that showcase curvy, wide-hip thicc women as gladiators, warriors, speedracers, and explorers. Available [ HERE ] .

The Bubblepunk universe is a rich and adventurous place I created, to populate it with amazing characters, exciting environments and watch the stories unfold.

This STUNNING release contains a Bubblepunk #1 Art book: a collection of finished art, full color. 20 pages. (PDF).

My aesthetic style is a fusion of saturated and vibrant colors full of movement, thick round shapes, futuristic, mixing organic and traditional techniques with visual craft that incorporates the latest AI and 3D tools into the mix. 

"Incredible work. Empowering & Powerful representation!”

— Seth | Founder of AI Creative Community (AICC)

“Marco is a visionary world builder. His carefully crafted characters break barriers and he presents a universe that will have you coming back for more”

— Bastopia | Bas Waijers

"Amazing work, visually striking and pulling. Very successful altogether and love the consistency overall."

— Raya | raiya.io

Now available

Get it while it lasts! The zip files with 80+ images will be available for a limited time only from the Gumroad page.

Click [ here ] to get the Art book and downloads.

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