Oh no, Anoncat's is trapped!

Anoncat crashed his spaceship into an ominous pit in the jungle and lost his pet Anondog along the way. How will they make it out?

Falling into the pit is one thing, but to get out our Anoncat will have to find secret passageways, hidden doors and clever ways to get around, all while ensuring his buddy is safe. Will you help them?

Secret corridors with treacherous stalactites and broken steps!

Watery pits with underground pools and things that lurk underneath!

A waterfall that starts in a scary temple with deadly doors!

Modellers and devs, we need your help!

We are making this game on WebXR as a fun experiment and learn along the way. Once it's finished we will put it on our Metaverse Builders DAO page for everyone to play. 

We are looking for 3D modellers (Blender) who want to help bring this world to life in a low-poly, lightweight format.

Get in touch!

If this sounds interesting, visit the Metaverse Builders DAO website at mbd.gg or visit our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/g6rZ2VAuz4 

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