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Underwater, blind.

When I was a child, I loved diving in the Mediterranean. Due to my advanced myopia everything underwater was dark and blurry. I just imagined the seafloor and its flora as I swam in the undercurrents and the algae brushed softly against my skin.

Seeing with neural eyes.

Using Artificial Intelligent tools that leverage the neural algorythm and digital imagining to see what I didn't, I brought to life the underwater sights I never had. My tools of choice in this project have been Topaz Gigapixel, Midjourney and digital image editing tools.

Expanding the multisensorial experience.

I am releasing an entire collection of Organica's digital images into Public Domain at 8K resolution so that everyone can print, remix and adapt my images into any desired format that may include sound, kinetic expression, prints, AR/VR, video and more.

Powering abudance. 

I am applying Creative Commons licenses so others can build upon my works to create new ones, extending the experience into new directions.

I am also releasing unique, original source files as NFT's for those who want to own a part of my reimagined Mediterranean. 

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