The Kepler Files

Be the first to discover an AI-powered visual journey of exoplanet Kepler 438-B through the viewfinder of its crew of photographers and scientists.

The Alpha Edition is our fan-friendly pre-press digital Photo Documentary, laid out in glorious landscape 2560 x 1600 quality for your enjoyment. You have the opportunity to see the creatures and environments and share your feedback with us. This world can be translated to D&D adventures, storytelling through video or gaming, even built into the metaverse! This first look is an exclusive peek and opportunity.

You can now download the Art book and image packs [ HERE ].

Looking for sci-fi adventure?

Kepler-438 B is a striking place filled by strange and fascinating creatures that inhabit its air, desert, swamplands, and underwater environments. The long trip from Earth is worth it, the team is busy readying their equipment and buzzing with excitement. [ HERE ] .

What's so special about the Alpha edition?

While we work on the full book (72 pages and counting, and a strong story!) we want to include you in the process, so you could see the changes from V4 to V5 of our approach, and from Alpha version to Full-version. In the Discord Channel we will share process images, prompts and behind-the-scenes content that you will find eye-opening and perhaps inspire your own creativity.  

Now available

Get it while it lasts! The ALPHA Edition will be available for a limited time only from the Gumroad page.

Click [ here ] to get the Art book and downloads.

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