The Illustrated Legends of Amsterdam

Kaintz is a strong brute, but also really sweet; he likes to cuddle dogs and write poetry. He is a cantankerous beast of a brewer with a strong back & even stronger convictions. He is evasive about his checkered past and the precise details of exactly where he came from, and Kaintz definitely prefers action to words. His ancient and secret technique says everything that needs to be said, and even renders others speechless (and legless).

Little Smuling is a fluffy white angel with a nose for fun. Where did this dog come from?! Runaway? Stray? Escaped experimental canine superdog? Who can say for sure?

Hilly is the master mycologist with a thirst for knowledge & mission to culture the world.

Conscious, cultivated, & cool. A hoppy-hippie serious about sustainability, and silly for sour concoctions. From permaculture to pickles, Wisse is possessed with green dreams of bristling bushels and glistening glasses. She doesn't just sing to her plants, she schemes with them – her verdant vines will coil around all who stand in her way.

Smuling is classic and smooth, cool and hard to get. He's a renegade with a heart of gold. With his charm, he's a welcome guest at any party! He would smooth-talk his way into any team, convincing everyone he was already in it until it was true. He loves whatever he does, but will never settle down – he plays the field.

The Real Amsterdam Legends

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