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Meet the team behind the powerful journey of exoplanet Kepler 438-B.

Artists, scientists, writers and dreamers - overlapping and collaborating to bring you an the ever-expanding universe of Kepler Files. After a successful launch of the Alpha Release digital book, we are now releasing the first printed book. 

We bring a vision of the future to share our passion and help shape the future we want to see: hopeful, inclusive and full of curiosity for what lies beyond the stars. 

Marco Morales
Futurist | Creative Director | Digital Transformation | Integrated Reality / AI

Fabian Schlosser
Art Director | Motion graphics | Music Producer

Nina Sabina Cabellero
AI Consultant | AI & Fine Artist | Digital Creative

James Harpur
Space Scientist | Engineer | Copywriting  

Darien Davis
Visual Designer / Creative Technologist / Filmmaker  

Kilian MacDonald
Creative Technologist | Multimedia Storyteller

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